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Monday, January 23, 2017


Good Day to You,

Have you ever felt like you are the only one in the world that feels the way that you do?
No one understands what you are feeling because they have their own problems, projects, and concerns. It is hard to put your thoughts and feelings into perspective. You know that your words are falling on death ears. People do not listen anymore. People hear to respond not to understand. There is a difference if you are not listening to understand what someone is saying.

While shopping in a grocery store last week a disabled employee tried to help me. I looked down at myself and realized that my heart surgery scar was visible and wearing a knee brace. I was riding in the electric shopping cart. My feelings were different from his. I wished that I was able to get up and help him do his job. He was in really bad shape working. Then I wondered was he working to support himself in that condition because he had lost disability benefits.

Executive Order on Obamacare

Are you watching what is really going on around you? People are mistreating one another, children, pets, neighbors, and so on. It is as if every man for himself and "Love thy neighbor" has been thrown out the window. Good morning and how are you? Everybody is doing good; "I'm good" they answer. Companies shutting off utilities through out the neighborhood. You see no lights at night or they are stealing a neighbors water. You smell kerosene because the heating source has been shut off, but their still good.


What happened to the days when a neighbor honestly said I am having a hard time? I have helped honest neighbors eat in the past. A bag of potatoes, onions, green peppers, cereal, milk, some canned veggies out of my pantry, and some chicken on sale has been appreciated. It helped them. I received some extra prayers. God blessed us both. When you are not comfortable giving them your hard earned cash, you can ask for a list. Then you go to the store and do what you can with what you have. You can also find out where the food banks are in your neighborhood and take them.
You know in your heart what needs to be done.


We all can do our part in many ways. Share information, listen, feed the homeless, and animals too. I love nature. A few years ago, I saw a hungry cat and fed the cat. Once the cat was strong enough it left in search of it's own home. However, there were a few more in need that found their way to our patio. God has blessed us to feed the stray cats, birds, squirrels, and chip monks in need. People assist and complain it depends on who they are, how they were raised, and where they are Spiritually in life.

Donations always accepted
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Up bringing has a lot to do with society today.
Transfiguration Philadelphia 1973 (Catholic School Foundation)
West Catholic High School Philadelphia 1977
Pierce College Undergraduate Business Automation Management 1980 (When our books meant something)
Reservation Service Provider 1986 (Travel: All forms of Transportation, Lodging, Events, and Extras)
USA Certified Section 508 Programmer 2001 (Workforce Reinvestment Act)
Bata Tester for Microsoft Networks 2000 - 2004
Certified Norwegian Cruise Line Agent
HTML5 Contributor and Register Programs 2008
Stroke Survivor 2010
Heart Attack Survivor 2010
TEVAR Disabled Permanent Damages 2011 - Present

In Memory of Dr. Jackie West Ford Edwards (my little sister and friend)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Insurance Industry

Life, Home, Appliance, Transportation, Business, Event, and Credit Cards Insurance

Are you really covered for every situation in your life? Do you live near the water? If so, you should really have some flood insurance. Do you have any family heirlooms from your grand aunt? Do you have minor children? If you are renting an apartment do you have Renters insurance? We pay more for insurances than we do anything else in life. Is there any control over the insurance industry?

Whole life also called Permanent life or Term life insurance is major so which way have you insured your family? We have some term life insurance policies from years ago that are paid in full and still have their value. Someone had the bright idea to change the provisions of term life insurance. We need to be careful who and how we vote in elections. Currently, when you buy a term life policy, at the end of the term the policy has no value under current standards. It does not matter how many years you pay or how much the policy is worth it is null and void. While other policies will depreciate.

Disadvantaged Americans are on fixed incomes with limited budgets and most with health issues. We spoke with many people at the library meeting, recreation center meeting, and senior center. The topic was insurance, the future, and preparations or lack there of. We were informed that the first thing most Government Agencies ask is do you have any insurance policies with cash surrender value? We were told they had to exhaust everything before receiving any city, state, or federal assistance. I was wondering why so many people in our neighborhood go door to door when loved ones die to collect for the funeral services. How do disadvantaged people prepare for retirement?

When was the last time that you took self inventory? Periodically, I walk around my home with a note book to evaluate our insurance needs. We make changes in our lives daily and seasonally. While walking around I include repairs, updates, or upgrades needed around the home. Some People give expensive gifts for special occasions and they have to be put away in your home and insured.

Home organization is different for each person. I list our overflow in 3 categories as I walk around the home: trash, keep, and donate. I get two bags out to begin the process one for donations and the other for trash. I keep the warranties and extended insurance plans in a folder. I have additional insurance on small appliances, the home heating system, hot water tank, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioners, washer, ceiling fan, and dryer insurance.

Credit card insurance is something you could consider when possible. When I qualified for a charge at a major home supply center; I added the life insurance plan. In the event of my death that credit card is paid in full. The credit card policy covers all the products purchased. I added that insurance to protect my family for pennies a day.

As your life changes your insurance needs change so stay up to date.
One in four insurance agents will be gone by 2018
Buying term and investing the difference

Thanks for reading; kind comments are always welcomed for public viewing. Critical comments are appreciated privately

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What can we do?

Will we survive the next natural disaster? Are we prepared for any of these: astroid, meteor, comet, volcano, earth quake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, floods, or an ice storm? Our solar system is comprised of many things. The galaxy in which we live is complicated. The movie San Andreas has come out. I immediately remembered elementary science and the San Andreas Fault. I questioned a few people who attended different schools. Many said they were never taught about the geological faults.

I liked science in school and continue to read and research the subject. My memory about geological faults was a surprise since the stroke. No matter what level of education you have, everyone could expect the best, prepare for the worst, and pray with hope in your heart. "Today is your day, because we are next in line for a miracle. Shirley Caesar " Your Next in Line

Comets are composed of ices, dust and rocky debris carried from the early formation of the solar system about 4.5 billion years ago. This link will prove more information on the subject. The ices are what cause the cold temperatures when comets are near. "As of 1995, 878 comets have been cataloged and their orbits at least roughly calculated. Of these 184 are periodic comets (orbital periods less than 200 years); some of the remainder are no doubt periodic as well, but their orbits have not been determined with sufficient accuracy to tell for sure." Nine Planets

Meteor Showers can often be seen in the night sky. "Meteor showers are named for the constellation that coincides with this region in the sky, a spot known as the radiant. For instance, the radiant for the Leonid meteor shower is in the constellation Leo. The Perseid meteor shower is so named because meteors appear to fall from a point in the constellation Perseus." Star Date Lyrid Meteor Shower in 2016 will be difficult to see because of the full moon.

What Is The Difference Between Asteroids and Meteorites? by NANCY ATKINSON on JUNE 2, 2015 will answer many of your questions. I hope this feature will prompt you to read, research, and prepare your family for anything. Climate changes effect us in many ways and 26 space rocks hit Earth between 2000 and 2013, each releasing energy equivalent to some of our most powerful nuclear weapons.


Monday, May 11, 2015

7 Things About Social Events Your Boss Wants To Know

7 Things About Social Events Your Boss Wants To Know

1. There are discounts that businesses usually ignore while planning comapany events. The Owner is watching the bottom line.
2. Locations are not selected with the staff members transportation in mind.
3. The secretaries do not have the time with their normal schedules to conduct the best investigations.
4. It is best to have an event budget to control the cost.
5. Party planners often have higher rates based upon the companies revenue and not the services they perform.
6. Cash bars can save the company money and minimize drunkenness. Everyone may not drink and alcohol cost more money. Coffee, tea and soft drinks can be included with the mean at a more reasonable rate.
7. Our specialty #partyeloquence is to focus on the items and details that the others over look in planning +partyeloquence.

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Let us plan for you..

Thank You, #RayExTraServ
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

20 Myths About Google Circles

20 Myths About Google Circles

I was on Google Plus a few years before I shared my first circle. My interest was only for location photography. I had a photography circle so I could share their work on my travel page. I used the via and moved on to the next project. Then I received the instructions in an email. I shared the photographers circle and gave him full credit. Once I shared him and gave him credit he un-circled me. I couldn't understand what I had done wrong. We were connected for two years and he gave me the instructions.

Next I met a different circle creator, because she wanted my people. I had some very good people that she was not connected with and then off she went. Next I encountered the group who share, travel, and circle together. This went on for a few months then I stopped making their circles. Each person will have a very different experience.

20 Myths
1. If you build the circles they will come and follow your instructions.
2. Tagging people and businesses will ensure your re-shares.
3. Many people will at least plus one if they are included.
4. Notifications actually work.
5. Putting together your own circles will be easy.
6. People will welcome your participation and sharing.
7. As large as the world, Internet, and Google plus are you will not encounter any clicks or gangs.
8 People are just around to learn about you.
9. Different will establish a code.
10. Circles are ways to generate business contacts.
11. All the people in the circles want to be shared.
12. You will not be blocked for sharing people in circles.
13. Your business communications will improve.
14. Waiting 15 minutes after each post will be enough time to answer your comments.
15. Saying thank you will make a difference.
16. Adding yourself to a circle, naming, saving it, and sharing as instructed will not cause any problems.
17. The people that help you build your circle world will actually remain in contact.
18. Learning as you go will not be to your benefit.
19. People speaking in a certain tone are not just having a bad day. They can be like that everyday.
20. You will automatically gain followers to stay.

Let me know your 20... 6/3/15 The only circles to share are the ones created. No more circles to share .

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Business Travel Experiences

Events and more..

Business Travel Experiences: we started in 1986 touring by plane, train, and automobile. We were not interested with the cruise familiarization tours in the beginning. Our team cruise meetings were always thinking outside the box. The subject of pirates, disabled ships, and spoiled food for lack of damaged refrigeration were questions raised at the very first volunteer meeting. We later toured cruise lines in port to inspect the cabin size, taste the food, and experience some entertainment. Contrary to the gossipist we never really desired to cruise from the foundation. We promoted ships from catalogs, our cruise clients, and collectively shared island experiences.

Ninety nine point nine percent of the time with us, you get what you pay for in travel. Reading an advertisement is the start. Understanding the promotion, procedure, policy, and rules are key. People will complain about every little thing when they know you. When we advertised transportation, transfers, accommodations, meals, and event tickets we provided what we advertised. Two tours over the years used a minibus in order to avoid group cancellation. It was transportation for a holiday weekend so we downsized. Some clients appreciate you when you make changes for them. The downsizing saved a holiday weekend getaway. We honored everything on the advertisement. Round-trip transportation, meals, event tickets, scheduled stops with admissions, and transfers were provided in a smaller vehicle. A few clients never forgot that while others never returned. It is the risk and chance that you take.

Transportation changes were an in house choice. Once you have a different experience you are challenged to change the wording. After changing from a forty four passenger motor coach to a minibus we never advertised the size of the vehicle for in-house fund raisers. We promoted round trip transportation and transfers. We stress that because a few years into our services people left us for a few dollars. Went to Virginia and then realized their transfers to the amusement parks were not included. When an organizer paid a deposit for a certain size that is what they were obligated to achieve. The package price is specified for the group. When you package a tour based on a specific number of people, amount of rooms, you need that amount of guest to meet your obligations. The company stopped promoting packaged group tours of that manner in the early two thousands. Our van serves worked well for small groups.

Client upgrades are easy during negotiations. Taking a client from couch to business or first class at the start of their vacation gets things off to a fantastic start for them. Many did not appreciate the upgrade and did not return. When there is space available it can be easy to accomplish. Making the time to upgrade clients will help keep some clients interest with you. People change agents for the slightest reason these days and not only about the price. Understanding the package is often a chore to explain. Luxury plays a part for some while not for others.

Business Tips while traveling at the beginning of the tour can ensure extra valued services. While on the bus going to the destination we would have a raffle drawing. The proceeds from the raffle were the bus drivers departure tip. That tip enhanced the tour. Showing consideration for the driver enabled a trip to a ABC convenience store, night club for the young, emergency stop at a drugstore for the ill, and even a discount shopping stop. Now, you have to schedule everything in advance due to fuel increases and changes. Tipping in the beginning often has its benefits. The staff at some locations can be very generous. We will guide you with our experience. Please search for us on your networks. It helps our ratings at Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @rayextraserv thanks.
Raymond's Express Travel Services
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MY child has traveled and enjoyed tennis camp, golf camp, basketball, reading, and math camp, soda entertainment & general sports camp. This provided him with opportunities many young people never have meeting celebrities and professional athletes. He has been blessed and it was a few sacrifices that were well worth while. Playing baseball or flying kites in the park we enjoyed our summer family events. We went to the car show, boat show, and hot air balloon races. It can be a wonderful family event for you also. We enjoyed lunch at a park table together while traveling. The little things mean the most. Our family did as much as possible together. I traveled a lot as a youngster, teenager, and young adult with no children. I planned as a family when my child arrived. Some people never took their children anywhere.

I asked him what was his most memorable vacation. The Disney World Vacation with stops going and coming. He said touring the Martin Luther King House in Atlanta during the summer Olympics of 1996. We crossed paths with the Women's USA Basketball team on tour. He shook hands with the Ladies team Gold United States of America (USA) and says that is the highlight of his travel experiences.
Teresa Edwards
Dawn Staley
Ruthie Bolton
Sheryl Swoopes
Jennifer Azzi
Lisa Leslie
Carla McGhee
Katy Steding
Katrina Felicia McClain
Rebecca Lobo
Venus Lacy
Nikki McCray

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Sad but True" Google Post

"Sad but True" comment from a reader started this feature

When sharing with my Google circles I use pictures, quotes, blogs, and location photos. A comment on something stated that I was fitting into a "sad but true" category. I never considered myself in that category. I thanked the commenter for their opinion and then started some research. I examined all of my streams personal and business to review the message that I am sending. Realizing, when I leave the comments open people have been known to post all sorts of things. I expect comments and like this one, I get a few surprises. Now, I was curious. Is there a meaning out there that I have not read on this subject? Here is the online meaning for this situation.

Sad but true meaning (n.) A situation that shouldn't happen in todays' world, but does so commonly that everyone turns a blind eye to it because they are used to it. This is a phrase used mainly by pinkos and feminazis, as well as a few other types of liberal, but not commies.

Google can be rewarding. Many people have very large followings. It starts with you circle me and I will circle you. Then you reach your maximum five thousand. Now, you have followers that you can not follow. Visiting these people you can not circle takes time. Periodically, I make the time, select at random, and use the plus one. I look for frequent good comments. My circles are titled to help me out. Silence is not always golden to a circle creator. The quiet people are the first deleted. I stopped commenting with a group and lost my place in a few circles. My numbers did not change as drastically as expected.

Circle sharing should be at the top of the sad but true list. People want to grow a following for various reasons. Business Owners are growing their business contacts. Authorship is a very popular reason to have a following of readers. The two way street of circles is difficult because of limitations. When you make the time to say thank you, visit other streams, share, and run a page(s) you need a schedule. When I paused sharing circles for a while, I noticed that my follower base changed. I am glad that I did not need to pay for a page to show me the changes. If you share circles read the comments at the top. There are often sharing requirements to expand the group. If you are growing your numbers good luck and remember that circles take time.

My Stream so you can view the post that I have shared. Communication
comes in many forms. You can set a standard of speaking eloquence. Face to face, letter, email, text, or telephone you have to be you the same person. The people who know me realize and understand that I speak the same either way. If you can not handle any form of communication with me then you may as well walk. It annoys people but it keeps things simple.