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Sunday, July 15, 2012

ALLUREZ Diamonds and Fine Jewelry ""


What are you wearing to work? Are you planning for the office Holiday party? Wearing nice Allurez Jewelers pieces with the perfect outfit will give you all of the confidence that you need. With the right jewelry, you can dress up or dress down: any dress, pant suit, evening gown, or uniform. There are so many pieces that you can add to your jewelry collection. Remember a nice pair of earrings, cuff links, tiepin, anklet, watch, and a beautiful necklace for day and night attire. You can upgrade your business look from humble to powerful. Enjoy changing up with gold and silver. 

To improve your Allurez Jewelers collection you could purchase one key piece at a time from our Gift Page of course. Establish an Allurez wish list for the holidays and share that request with family and friends. There are some remarkable stones like diamonds, pearls, rubies, your children‘s birthstones, or anniversary date gems to consider.  There are many sizes, shapes, and clarity to choose gems. To honor special occasions inscriptions help to commemorate the date. Your dated jewelry then becomes a family heirloom. You can pass down your collections for generations to come. While the engravings help to distinguish the increased value of your pieces. 

Raymond's Express Travel Services is designed to provide a variety of options for your personal and business needs online. Our Employer Incentive program suggests a gift for your valuable staff members. When in doubt, distribute Allurez Jewelers gift certificates to them. 

Raymond's Express Travel Services chose to work with  Allurez Jewelers  because of their policies and standards. We were looking for the best Sponsors. We needed that balance to complete our Incentive Program. In order to be successful we needed to provide the clients with a variety of gift options and jewelry is a welcomed and cherished choice. 

Allurez Jewelers is the premier online jewelry store for high quality fine jewelry, designer jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, and certified loose diamonds. Jewelry Sale Pearl Jewelry - Allurez

Allurez Jewelers Flexible Payment Options:
Providing our customers with a convenient shopping experience is extremely important to us. In addition to accepting all major credit cards, Allurez also accepts PayPal, Google Checkout, eBillme, wire transfers, money orders, and checks. We offer a 1.5% discount for payments made through a wire transfer.

Allurez Jewelers Easy Returns:
We stand behind every product we sell. We also understand that you might change your mind regarding your purchase, so we are offering you a 30 day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return or exchange it.

Allurez Jewelers Free Insured Shipping:
We offer Free Insured Shipping every day, for all of our products, without any minimums, requirements or restrictions. We also ship 2nd day air, or next day air, to ensure that your purchase reaches its destination as quickly as possible.      

Allurez Jewelers Conflict-Free Diamonds:
We are proud supporters of the Kimberly process, which works to uphold the legitimacy of the diamond trade, and stops the trade of conflict diamonds.   We only work with trusted diamond suppliers and dealers in order to ensure that you are provided with diamonds that are free of conflict.

Allurez Jewelers Free Warranty: We stand behind all of the products we sell and offer a complimentary 1 year warranty 


Monday, July 2, 2012

Raymond's Express Travel Services


Raymond's Express Travel Services is a registered business with employer status. In the beginning, we envisioned a lot of employees with a very nice location. Reality quickly set in when several banks turned down our business plan and didn't grant us the loans. We couldn't let that stop us so we prevailed and begged the Zoning Commission for the first home based travel business with a postal location for security.

We went door to door with a staff of family volunteers reaching out to other business owners with vacation ideas. We gave travel parties at friends homes with light refreshments and presented our products. We used the modem to obtain rates for the packages we were promoting and brochures from our travel partners. Our ideas in 1986 would have been perfect for the current society.

Owners of motor coach companies traveled with us to see where we were going, because we promoted different packages. We gave our first crab feast in 1986 to Martins West in Maryland with Trailways. We gave our first Spa weekend to New York with events all weekend long. We were in Virginia so much, they knew us by our name Raymond's Express.

Familiarization tours helps us learn about locations and the Islands first hand: Jamaica, Nassau, Paradise Island and Freeport Bahamas. The family traveled to Canada and Florida for a business learning experience. Hotel Owners invited us for weekends to get to know their area, restaurants, and event packaging. We still accept invitations to date. Knowledge is power.

The Internet came along so we became available online as well. We started working with an Entertainment Manager to increase business with other Business Professionals. We met a few Directors and offered transportation before productions, during production, after productions, and accommodations for the films and film festivals. Reservations form also SAVE 10% at Production Hub when you use our code 5YR7MQE2 appreciated.

Thank you for making the time to read this introduction. We appreciate you in advance for any consideration. We have transportation solutions with accommodation options. We can generate a package for your specified destination with our services, please do not hesitate to ask. We value your privacy.

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To the future and travel,
Raymond's Express Travel Services