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Monday, July 2, 2012

Raymond's Express Travel Services


Raymond's Express Travel Services is a registered business with employer status. In the beginning, we envisioned a lot of employees with a very nice location. Reality quickly set in when several banks turned down our business plan and didn't grant us the loans. We couldn't let that stop us so we prevailed and begged the Zoning Commission for the first home based travel business with a postal location for security.

We went door to door with a staff of family volunteers reaching out to other business owners with vacation ideas. We gave travel parties at friends homes with light refreshments and presented our products. We used the modem to obtain rates for the packages we were promoting and brochures from our travel partners. Our ideas in 1986 would have been perfect for the current society.

Owners of motor coach companies traveled with us to see where we were going, because we promoted different packages. We gave our first crab feast in 1986 to Martins West in Maryland with Trailways. We gave our first Spa weekend to New York with events all weekend long. We were in Virginia so much, they knew us by our name Raymond's Express.

Familiarization tours helps us learn about locations and the Islands first hand: Jamaica, Nassau, Paradise Island and Freeport Bahamas. The family traveled to Canada and Florida for a business learning experience. Hotel Owners invited us for weekends to get to know their area, restaurants, and event packaging. We still accept invitations to date. Knowledge is power.

The Internet came along so we became available online as well. We started working with an Entertainment Manager to increase business with other Business Professionals. We met a few Directors and offered transportation before productions, during production, after productions, and accommodations for the films and film festivals. Reservations form also SAVE 10% at Production Hub when you use our code 5YR7MQE2 appreciated.

Thank you for making the time to read this introduction. We appreciate you in advance for any consideration. We have transportation solutions with accommodation options. We can generate a package for your specified destination with our services, please do not hesitate to ask. We value your privacy.

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To the future and travel,
Raymond's Express Travel Services