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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

“Single Excursion”

“Single Excursion”

Single Excursion returns. A few years back I wrote features about the issues and sports. I received some angry threats and retaliation. I stopped writing for a while. Well anyway, songs can inspire, motivate, depress, and teach. “People make the world go round” is the one that I need for this feature. People travel everywhere, all the time, and go nowhere. Monopolies are controlling our communications and major utilities. The financial arena is in four parts: wealthy, rich, under class, and disadvantaged. Many things in this world are not in balance and that is why we see so many Godly changes. 

Well you have read this far so you might as well keep reading. A few years back I wrote a feature entitled the Disadvantaged American. These are the people who make less then $100,000.00 a year. Living or just getting by with the rising cost of everything for example a loaf of bread, gallon of milk, fresh produce, housing, insurances, and transportation. Remember when it was thirty-five cent and now cost three dollars for the same thing. I see more and more people on the street with signs. 

People are out of work and homeless. In 2005, I researched how many women were living out of their cars with children and pets. I am terrified to research that now in 2012. If you make the time to research, the statistics please send it to me. I will make the time to read your alarming feature. President Bill Clinton was the only president in recent years with a surplus. He was impeached. He had a chick on the side. He had a very good health care plan for working parents with minor children. 

The animal population could be in better balance with a lot more effort. People travel all the time to different parts of the country. Many people place their animals in shelters and vacation homes while they are on vacation. Others lose their pets in national disasters. Why has not someone come up with a system to transport pets from an over populated section of the country to an area that has lost pets due to Natural disasters. The animals would be in loving homes. Yes, you could transport homeless Katie in New York to her Uncle in Texas while you are at it.

The people with power could do more then what they are doing. The radio has a large amount of listeners. I do not listen like years gone by because of the topics and comments. I will not single anyone out but when the identification came up for the voting process. The press complained just like the public. While they had months to prepare they could have focused on helping people obtain what thy needed and showed how to get the identifications and spent less time complaining. Use what you have to help all whom you can and be a blessing while you are able to do so because life is too short. 

This has been your Single Excursion, one mini vacation at a time. 
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