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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Report

Blog Report

How are you today? I really wish that you could say something without feeling persecution. People leave comments. People read and only respond to others. Have you noticed lately how, your connection's react to different things? I have people that I have known over the years in different capacities. For example, I posted on Facebook that I was going to the hospital for test. A friend from High School, that I traveled with each day back then was the first to offer me prayer.   A childhood, neighborhood friend commented support next. Finally, the person that I travel with now, was the last to comment.

I scheduled the time of day for each job. I have statistical data as a web page manager for activity on the site. The people I travel with know are on certain times of the day. When they called me about the test, I alerted my immediate family. My Hootsuite account has custom settings. That message was for the people close to me. The last response was actually what I expected to be the first response. The others who received that message called me that evening or the next day to see how things went.

People can be predictable, but not always in the manner we expect. Public Communications teaches us several perspectives, but the principle is basic. There are six points to almost everything. I may not put them in the correct order since my stroke, but they have become more clear to me now. Ten people could read this blog today. They will all come away with a different perspective. What I am writing (saying) to you is one thing. What you are reading (hearing) is another thing. What I want you to understand may be different then what you actually take away from this message (conversation). You could reply in a few different ways.

Bloggers write daily. I am unable to do that for health reasons. My life is Blessed to be alive for many reasons. Some people around me do not want to hear the truth and I respect their wishes. It took the Doctors eight hours during the surgery to save my life. It required two weeks in the Hospital and six weeks of Professional home care to start my recovery process. My Surgeon informed me that five hours of additional surgery is still necessary. The tests are to keep an eye on things. He told me one day, I will go in for those test and a bed will be waiting for me. I just try to prepare everyone.

This has been your Single Excursion, one mini vacation at a time.

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