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Friday, July 26, 2013

Google Plus and we love it.

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while. I have been reading and working on the updates at other locations. Google Circles has been more engaging for me. The people are powerful,
but they do not act "like" they are powerful. We have joined several beautiful communities at Google Plus. We share wonderful places we see with people on our Business page here.
We thank people for the invitations and everyone gets credit for their work.

This is our blog It was started here to write about all of the travel adventures, athletes, actors, directors, producers and other entertainers that we have met over the years. The most important hand that I shook
in the movie industry was Steven Spielberg. I felt like a kid and didn't want to
wash it, but I knew that I must. We did not always have a camera available. We felt important enough to be blessed to shake hands of so many different people from all walks of life.

Our suggestions online enable you to save on your Corporate Travel for your
business. We ask that you copy and paste our code so that we receive the
credit for our referrals. Long links take up valuable space on many Social
networks and short links do not. Our links are not spam and will not lead you to unsafe places. We check and recheck our links before posting them to you.

I just read the 9 Types of Facebook Users I only joined
FB for this page FB states you must
have a personal account with "friends" in order to have a business page. It was
their' rules. Now, they are complaining about the different types of people
who use Facebook. It is always a problem over there. The people who have nothing
going on act to important to use the "like" button and read everything you post,
but wish they had thought of it.

Please take a look at our wall and share only if you "like" are willing to help us over at Facebook. We have people there who "like" the page, but we found that we are not in their news feed. We are not receiving feedback because they do not see our job. We are gradually spending more time here at Google Plus. The best of #RayExtraServ to date in the Leisure, Travel & Tourism can be found here.

I appreciate your time and continued support,
Raymond's Express Travel Services #RayExtraServ