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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Business Travel Experiences

Events and more..

Business Travel Experiences: we started in 1986 touring by plane, train, and automobile. We were not interested with the cruise familiarization tours in the beginning. Our team cruise meetings were always thinking outside the box. The subject of pirates, disabled ships, and spoiled food for lack of damaged refrigeration were questions raised at the very first volunteer meeting. We later toured cruise lines in port to inspect the cabin size, taste the food, and experience some entertainment. Contrary to the gossipist we never really desired to cruise from the foundation. We promoted ships from catalogs, our cruise clients, and collectively shared island experiences.

Ninety nine point nine percent of the time with us, you get what you pay for in travel. Reading an advertisement is the start. Understanding the promotion, procedure, policy, and rules are key. People will complain about every little thing when they know you. When we advertised transportation, transfers, accommodations, meals, and event tickets we provided what we advertised. Two tours over the years used a minibus in order to avoid group cancellation. It was transportation for a holiday weekend so we downsized. Some clients appreciate you when you make changes for them. The downsizing saved a holiday weekend getaway. We honored everything on the advertisement. Round-trip transportation, meals, event tickets, scheduled stops with admissions, and transfers were provided in a smaller vehicle. A few clients never forgot that while others never returned. It is the risk and chance that you take.

Transportation changes were an in house choice. Once you have a different experience you are challenged to change the wording. After changing from a forty four passenger motor coach to a minibus we never advertised the size of the vehicle for in-house fund raisers. We promoted round trip transportation and transfers. We stress that because a few years into our services people left us for a few dollars. Went to Virginia and then realized their transfers to the amusement parks were not included. When an organizer paid a deposit for a certain size that is what they were obligated to achieve. The package price is specified for the group. When you package a tour based on a specific number of people, amount of rooms, you need that amount of guest to meet your obligations. The company stopped promoting packaged group tours of that manner in the early two thousands. Our van serves worked well for small groups.

Client upgrades are easy during negotiations. Taking a client from couch to business or first class at the start of their vacation gets things off to a fantastic start for them. Many did not appreciate the upgrade and did not return. When there is space available it can be easy to accomplish. Making the time to upgrade clients will help keep some clients interest with you. People change agents for the slightest reason these days and not only about the price. Understanding the package is often a chore to explain. Luxury plays a part for some while not for others.

Business Tips while traveling at the beginning of the tour can ensure extra valued services. While on the bus going to the destination we would have a raffle drawing. The proceeds from the raffle were the bus drivers departure tip. That tip enhanced the tour. Showing consideration for the driver enabled a trip to a ABC convenience store, night club for the young, emergency stop at a drugstore for the ill, and even a discount shopping stop. Now, you have to schedule everything in advance due to fuel increases and changes. Tipping in the beginning often has its benefits. The staff at some locations can be very generous. We will guide you with our experience. Please search for us on your networks. It helps our ratings at Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @rayextraserv thanks.
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MY child has traveled and enjoyed tennis camp, golf camp, basketball, reading, and math camp, soda entertainment & general sports camp. This provided him with opportunities many young people never have meeting celebrities and professional athletes. He has been blessed and it was a few sacrifices that were well worth while. Playing baseball or flying kites in the park we enjoyed our summer family events. We went to the car show, boat show, and hot air balloon races. It can be a wonderful family event for you also. We enjoyed lunch at a park table together while traveling. The little things mean the most. Our family did as much as possible together. I traveled a lot as a youngster, teenager, and young adult with no children. I planned as a family when my child arrived. Some people never took their children anywhere.

I asked him what was his most memorable vacation. The Disney World Vacation with stops going and coming. He said touring the Martin Luther King House in Atlanta during the summer Olympics of 1996. We crossed paths with the Women's USA Basketball team on tour. He shook hands with the Ladies team Gold United States of America (USA) and says that is the highlight of his travel experiences.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Sad but True" Google Post

"Sad but True" comment from a reader started this feature

When sharing with my Google circles I use pictures, quotes, blogs, and location photos. A comment on something stated that I was fitting into a "sad but true" category. I never considered myself in that category. I thanked the commenter for their opinion and then started some research. I examined all of my streams personal and business to review the message that I am sending. Realizing, when I leave the comments open people have been known to post all sorts of things. I expect comments and like this one, I get a few surprises. Now, I was curious. Is there a meaning out there that I have not read on this subject? Here is the online meaning for this situation.

Sad but true meaning (n.) A situation that shouldn't happen in todays' world, but does so commonly that everyone turns a blind eye to it because they are used to it. This is a phrase used mainly by pinkos and feminazis, as well as a few other types of liberal, but not commies.

Google can be rewarding. Many people have very large followings. It starts with you circle me and I will circle you. Then you reach your maximum five thousand. Now, you have followers that you can not follow. Visiting these people you can not circle takes time. Periodically, I make the time, select at random, and use the plus one. I look for frequent good comments. My circles are titled to help me out. Silence is not always golden to a circle creator. The quiet people are the first deleted. I stopped commenting with a group and lost my place in a few circles. My numbers did not change as drastically as expected.

Circle sharing should be at the top of the sad but true list. People want to grow a following for various reasons. Business Owners are growing their business contacts. Authorship is a very popular reason to have a following of readers. The two way street of circles is difficult because of limitations. When you make the time to say thank you, visit other streams, share, and run a page(s) you need a schedule. When I paused sharing circles for a while, I noticed that my follower base changed. I am glad that I did not need to pay for a page to show me the changes. If you share circles read the comments at the top. There are often sharing requirements to expand the group. If you are growing your numbers good luck and remember that circles take time.

My Stream so you can view the post that I have shared. Communication
comes in many forms. You can set a standard of speaking eloquence. Face to face, letter, email, text, or telephone you have to be you the same person. The people who know me realize and understand that I speak the same either way. If you can not handle any form of communication with me then you may as well walk. It annoys people but it keeps things simple.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hospital Violations

What can you do when the patient has no rights? Who do you turn to when everything at the Hospital is just for show? I am passionate about the subject. I am human. I WANT TO LIVE. I had a hospitalization. Thank God for my young adult being a strong inquisitive person remaining in control. No one cares about you any more. Talk to someone, anyone, ask questions, and then really listen! People listen to respond. Many people do not listen to understand. It happens to me all the time. Professionals annoy me the most and it should be different with them. They make decisions in hospitals that affect lives. Walking into the hospital yesterday, this happened a few times.

My Statement - Good afternoon and how are you today?
Answer(s) - Good afternoon and how are you?

Respect should be a two way street, but it is not. I try to show respect and consideration for people. Since my stroke, I look at everything very differently. Putting myself in another persons shoes is even a different way of thinking for me. We have a family member who was in an accident on Friday. This person went to the hospital on Friday and was treated and released. Then something happened and the same person returned to the hospital on Sunday and was admitted in critical condition. It was determined that our family member suffered a stroke.

The Hospital is full of problems. The spouse of this person had a sibling hospitalized a few years back. They tried to see their loved one and was denied visitation. Speaking with this person at that time they expressed how helpless they felt. Nothing changed their visitation situation. Now this same person has the power and is the spouse of the hospitalized person. Denying the patient their sibling visitation. That is the same as the answering the quest with the same question. The stroke victim is the patient not the spouse. The patient has the rights and could not exercise their rights at first.

When a believer in God has been wronged, they pray, forgive, and move on. The non-believer is faster to hold the "eye for an eye" mentality. Many times you do not have to confess that you believe in God, because your actions speak louder than any word you could ever say. Your actions show your personality. The stroke patient doesn't have any tools after a few days of admittance by the hospital or the spouse. The hospital sent the patient home prematurely. The patient returned needing oxygen and additional care while the spouse controlled visitations.

The Hospital States patients have the right to decide who visits them and may designate or restrict specific visitors according to their wishes. The Hospitals Healthcare Network does not restrict, limit or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. This does not say the patient's spouse has the right to turn away family. (Get a pre-directive in writing, if you do not get along with their spouse/in-laws for visitation rights.)

Stroke Foundation
Informed Patient Institution

When you have a loved one in a medical situation, do everything that you can to make that person comfortable. Be productive even at a distance and do not stop. We the family have completed many task to be certain that the patient gets proper care. One day you may need someone to fight for your life. Add your visitors list to your medical directive like the DNR. When I visited my primary we discussed this situation. Search your state for the information you need if you are not in Pennsylvania. Leave no stone unturned, your loved ones spouse could be in a cult. No matter what; you plan to be a blessing...

The Pennsylvania Department of Health

The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) licenses Pennsylvania hospitals. This means that the hospitals must meet certain rules and regulations in order to care for patients and receive payment. One function of DOH is to investigate complaints about any place they license. The department received 780 complaints about Pennsylvania hospitals in 2012-2013. After investigating them, DOH staff found that about 20 of the hospital complaints did have problems.

In addition, in 2012-2013, there were 6,441 "serious events" that were reported by hospitals to DOH. These are situations involving care that results in a patient's death or an injury that requires the patient to receive more health care services.
There are several ways that you can file a complaint with DOH:

Call the Pennsylvania Hospital Complaint Hotline: 800-254-5164

PA online complaint form

Mail your Pennsylvania complaint to:
Division of Acute and Ambulatory Care
Room 532
Health and Welfare Building
625 Forster St.
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Submitting the complaint: Be as specific as possible about your concern when you are writing your complaint, and make sure you make a copy of what you send. Once DOH receives your complaint, they will send you a letter saying that they have received it. This generally takes a week after they receive it.

Update 9/16/14 The loved one (patient) was hugged by immediate family and happy to do so. The loved one wanted to know why the family had not visited. That is a violation of the loved ones (patient) rights. The nurses heard the loved and ignored the patient. Please read and share to your friends and family. The hospital complaint was filed and the Attorney General Healthcare Division was contacted.

Update 9/24/14 A G Kathleen A Kane - HealthCare Division finally replied to the emergency complaint with the Pennsylvania Bar Association number 1-800-932-0311. Keep in mind they were furnished with more details, full names, the stroke situation, and zip codes. Proper oxygen to the brain and immediate care is important when working with a stroke patient and their rights are of value. In DEFENCE
of Governor Tom Corbett at least when he was Attorney General he helped me with my extenuating circumstance. I appreciate him for that.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Cellophane - a thin transparent material that is used for wrapping things....

People are covered in cellophane. The physical outlook of a person from their eyewear down to the shoes is their cellophane. Periodically everyone needs to take inventory of their self for personal growth and improvement. Even the most prominent people wear cellophane daily. They use their money to purchase the wrappings of a successful person even when they do not feel that way on the inside.

When I write, a passion from deep within surfaces. In order for you to learn about me the blogger, you have to get to know me the person. My personal "crystal-clear" appearance to the general public is healthy. Deep down my heart struggles. When I lay down to sleep, I wonder will I wake up again. I realize, God has a designed plan detailed for all of us with options. HE knows the day, date, and time for our departure. My dreams and goals are still in progress. Have all of your dreams been fulfilled?

I ask myself, how much cellophane am I prepared to continue using? Am I willing to own up to problems with decisions I've made? Should I buy more cellophane to cover up bad decisions? At the age of five, I wanted my own business. My mother is still alive to confirm that. I have matured around successful business women all of my life. They may not have made great fortunes, but they paid their bills, lived their lives, and were happy. I preached success is the journey not the arrival 30 years ago.

Travel opens doors. Many wear cellophane while traveling. People change while on vacation. You can move onto a different phase in your relationship. Some will photograph the best clothes, accessories, and luggage before they go. The places you go, people you see, how you spent Friday night are all a part of you. You travel with the successful memories, memories you rather forget and you are still you.

When I feel the worst, I get out the best "transparent" options. Ladies you know what it is called, makeup. When I feel good, confident, strong, and self assured; I wear less makeup. I have faced a ton of challenges: overcome obstacles, disputed battles, won crisis, dealt with adversity, beat discrimination, all striving for the big picture. I became a Travel Consultant, because I obviously wanted to see and show off the world.

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