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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Cellophane - a thin transparent material that is used for wrapping things....

People are covered in cellophane. The physical outlook of a person from their eyewear down to the shoes is their cellophane. Periodically everyone needs to take inventory of their self for personal growth and improvement. Even the most prominent people wear cellophane daily. They use their money to purchase the wrappings of a successful person even when they do not feel that way on the inside.

When I write, a passion from deep within surfaces. In order for you to learn about me the blogger, you have to get to know me the person. My personal "crystal-clear" appearance to the general public is healthy. Deep down my heart struggles. When I lay down to sleep, I wonder will I wake up again. I realize, God has a designed plan detailed for all of us with options. HE knows the day, date, and time for our departure. My dreams and goals are still in progress. Have all of your dreams been fulfilled?

I ask myself, how much cellophane am I prepared to continue using? Am I willing to own up to problems with decisions I've made? Should I buy more cellophane to cover up bad decisions? At the age of five, I wanted my own business. My mother is still alive to confirm that. I have matured around successful business women all of my life. They may not have made great fortunes, but they paid their bills, lived their lives, and were happy. I preached success is the journey not the arrival 30 years ago.

Travel opens doors. Many wear cellophane while traveling. People change while on vacation. You can move onto a different phase in your relationship. Some will photograph the best clothes, accessories, and luggage before they go. The places you go, people you see, how you spent Friday night are all a part of you. You travel with the successful memories, memories you rather forget and you are still you.

When I feel the worst, I get out the best "transparent" options. Ladies you know what it is called, makeup. When I feel good, confident, strong, and self assured; I wear less makeup. I have faced a ton of challenges: overcome obstacles, disputed battles, won crisis, dealt with adversity, beat discrimination, all striving for the big picture. I became a Travel Consultant, because I obviously wanted to see and show off the world.

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