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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Business Travel Experiences

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Business Travel Experiences: we started in 1986 touring by plane, train, and automobile. We were not interested with the cruise familiarization tours in the beginning. Our team cruise meetings were always thinking outside the box. The subject of pirates, disabled ships, and spoiled food for lack of damaged refrigeration were questions raised at the very first volunteer meeting. We later toured cruise lines in port to inspect the cabin size, taste the food, and experience some entertainment. Contrary to the gossipist we never really desired to cruise from the foundation. We promoted ships from catalogs, our cruise clients, and collectively shared island experiences.

Ninety nine point nine percent of the time with us, you get what you pay for in travel. Reading an advertisement is the start. Understanding the promotion, procedure, policy, and rules are key. People will complain about every little thing when they know you. When we advertised transportation, transfers, accommodations, meals, and event tickets we provided what we advertised. Two tours over the years used a minibus in order to avoid group cancellation. It was transportation for a holiday weekend so we downsized. Some clients appreciate you when you make changes for them. The downsizing saved a holiday weekend getaway. We honored everything on the advertisement. Round-trip transportation, meals, event tickets, scheduled stops with admissions, and transfers were provided in a smaller vehicle. A few clients never forgot that while others never returned. It is the risk and chance that you take.

Transportation changes were an in house choice. Once you have a different experience you are challenged to change the wording. After changing from a forty four passenger motor coach to a minibus we never advertised the size of the vehicle for in-house fund raisers. We promoted round trip transportation and transfers. We stress that because a few years into our services people left us for a few dollars. Went to Virginia and then realized their transfers to the amusement parks were not included. When an organizer paid a deposit for a certain size that is what they were obligated to achieve. The package price is specified for the group. When you package a tour based on a specific number of people, amount of rooms, you need that amount of guest to meet your obligations. The company stopped promoting packaged group tours of that manner in the early two thousands. Our van serves worked well for small groups.

Client upgrades are easy during negotiations. Taking a client from couch to business or first class at the start of their vacation gets things off to a fantastic start for them. Many did not appreciate the upgrade and did not return. When there is space available it can be easy to accomplish. Making the time to upgrade clients will help keep some clients interest with you. People change agents for the slightest reason these days and not only about the price. Understanding the package is often a chore to explain. Luxury plays a part for some while not for others.

Business Tips while traveling at the beginning of the tour can ensure extra valued services. While on the bus going to the destination we would have a raffle drawing. The proceeds from the raffle were the bus drivers departure tip. That tip enhanced the tour. Showing consideration for the driver enabled a trip to a ABC convenience store, night club for the young, emergency stop at a drugstore for the ill, and even a discount shopping stop. Now, you have to schedule everything in advance due to fuel increases and changes. Tipping in the beginning often has its benefits. The staff at some locations can be very generous. We will guide you with our experience. Please search for us on your networks. It helps our ratings at Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @rayextraserv thanks.
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MY child has traveled and enjoyed tennis camp, golf camp, basketball, reading, and math camp, soda entertainment & general sports camp. This provided him with opportunities many young people never have meeting celebrities and professional athletes. He has been blessed and it was a few sacrifices that were well worth while. Playing baseball or flying kites in the park we enjoyed our summer family events. We went to the car show, boat show, and hot air balloon races. It can be a wonderful family event for you also. We enjoyed lunch at a park table together while traveling. The little things mean the most. Our family did as much as possible together. I traveled a lot as a youngster, teenager, and young adult with no children. I planned as a family when my child arrived. Some people never took their children anywhere.

I asked him what was his most memorable vacation. The Disney World Vacation with stops going and coming. He said touring the Martin Luther King House in Atlanta during the summer Olympics of 1996. We crossed paths with the Women's USA Basketball team on tour. He shook hands with the Ladies team Gold United States of America (USA) and says that is the highlight of his travel experiences.
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