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Saturday, April 11, 2015

20 Myths About Google Circles

20 Myths About Google Circles

I was on Google Plus a few years before I shared my first circle. My interest was only for location photography. I had a photography circle so I could share their work on my travel page. I used the via and moved on to the next project. Then I received the instructions in an email. I shared the photographers circle and gave him full credit. Once I shared him and gave him credit he un-circled me. I couldn't understand what I had done wrong. We were connected for two years and he gave me the instructions.

Next I met a different circle creator, because she wanted my people. I had some very good people that she was not connected with and then off she went. Next I encountered the group who share, travel, and circle together. This went on for a few months then I stopped making their circles. Each person will have a very different experience.

20 Myths
1. If you build the circles they will come and follow your instructions.
2. Tagging people and businesses will ensure your re-shares.
3. Many people will at least plus one if they are included.
4. Notifications actually work.
5. Putting together your own circles will be easy.
6. People will welcome your participation and sharing.
7. As large as the world, Internet, and Google plus are you will not encounter any clicks or gangs.
8 People are just around to learn about you.
9. Different will establish a code.
10. Circles are ways to generate business contacts.
11. All the people in the circles want to be shared.
12. You will not be blocked for sharing people in circles.
13. Your business communications will improve.
14. Waiting 15 minutes after each post will be enough time to answer your comments.
15. Saying thank you will make a difference.
16. Adding yourself to a circle, naming, saving it, and sharing as instructed will not cause any problems.
17. The people that help you build your circle world will actually remain in contact.
18. Learning as you go will not be to your benefit.
19. People speaking in a certain tone are not just having a bad day. They can be like that everyday.
20. You will automatically gain followers to stay.

Let me know your 20... 6/3/15 The only circles to share are the ones created. No more circles to share .