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Monday, May 11, 2015

7 Things About Social Events Your Boss Wants To Know

7 Things About Social Events Your Boss Wants To Know

1. There are discounts that businesses usually ignore while planning comapany events. The Owner is watching the bottom line.
2. Locations are not selected with the staff members transportation in mind.
3. The secretaries do not have the time with their normal schedules to conduct the best investigations.
4. It is best to have an event budget to control the cost.
5. Party planners often have higher rates based upon the companies revenue and not the services they perform.
6. Cash bars can save the company money and minimize drunkenness. Everyone may not drink and alcohol cost more money. Coffee, tea and soft drinks can be included with the mean at a more reasonable rate.
7. Our specialty #partyeloquence is to focus on the items and details that the others over look in planning +partyeloquence.

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