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Monday, January 23, 2017


Good Day to You,

Have you ever felt like you are the only one in the world that feels the way that you do?
No one understands what you are feeling because they have their own problems, projects, and concerns. It is hard to put your thoughts and feelings into perspective. You know that your words are falling on death ears. People do not listen anymore. People hear to respond not to understand. There is a difference if you are not listening to understand what someone is saying.

While shopping in a grocery store last week a disabled employee tried to help me. I looked down at myself and realized that my heart surgery scar was visible and wearing a knee brace. I was riding in the electric shopping cart. My feelings were different from his. I wished that I was able to get up and help him do his job. He was in really bad shape working. Then I wondered was he working to support himself in that condition because he had lost disability benefits.

Executive Order on Obamacare

Are you watching what is really going on around you? People are mistreating one another, children, pets, neighbors, and so on. It is as if every man for himself and "Love thy neighbor" has been thrown out the window. Good morning and how are you? Everybody is doing good; "I'm good" they answer. Companies shutting off utilities through out the neighborhood. You see no lights at night or they are stealing a neighbors water. You smell kerosene because the heating source has been shut off, but their still good.


What happened to the days when a neighbor honestly said I am having a hard time? I have helped honest neighbors eat in the past. A bag of potatoes, onions, green peppers, cereal, milk, some canned veggies out of my pantry, and some chicken on sale has been appreciated. It helped them. I received some extra prayers. God blessed us both. When you are not comfortable giving them your hard earned cash, you can ask for a list. Then you go to the store and do what you can with what you have. You can also find out where the food banks are in your neighborhood and take them.
You know in your heart what needs to be done.


We all can do our part in many ways. Share information, listen, feed the homeless, and animals too. I love nature. A few years ago, I saw a hungry cat and fed the cat. Once the cat was strong enough it left in search of it's own home. However, there were a few more in need that found their way to our patio. God has blessed us to feed the stray cats, birds, squirrels, and chip monks in need. People assist and complain it depends on who they are, how they were raised, and where they are Spiritually in life.

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Up bringing has a lot to do with society today.
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