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Wednesday, January 2, 2019


America’s Monopolies Are Holding Back the Economy,

Monopoly - the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service. 6 Secret Monopolies You Didn't Know Run the World Monopolies are huge business. In our city the water, gas, electric, landline telephones, and cable are all controlled by a monopoly. We have no real choices and pay high fees and charges they should be paying. Example we pay their gross receipt taxes. The fees and taxes are hidden within our monthly bills. We have no gross receipts but we pay theirs.

When will we learn? We can not fight any Government? America Has a Monopoly Problem—and It’s Huge As tax payers, we think we have some rights so we still endlessly try. Why are we always put in a position to fight City Hall? The power companies in major cities are owned by the city. They do exactly what they want to do with their businesses and we suffer rising cost. They will step on you and spit you out. Learn from someone else. Please do not wait until it happens to you to consider your options. 6 Secret Monopolies You Didn't Know Run the World please read this information.

Have you ever been alerted by a jack hammer early in the morning? Go to the window, look outside, and learn they are on your property. No one sent you advance notification, but you would need to let them know if you plan to dig in advance. You ask what is going on and the crew looks at you clueless. You close the door and make a few calls. Which Should We Have: Public Utilities Or Regulated Private Monopolies? Open the door and there is a citation for something they cracked and you are responsible for the repairs. You were not the one with the jackhammer, but you only have ten days to correct the problem. It has happened to us and can happen to you also America's Atomic Monopoly is an article that you should read.

6 Enormous Monopolies, Past And Present When you own a small business you encounter all sorts of unexpected concerns. Small businesses can not compete with large monopolies. When you promote your little projects for some change monopolies make it seem that you are a scam. They want all of the money for themselves. That is called greed. Insurance is another very large conglomerate. In particular you pay home owners, life, property, damages, small business, and car insurance to name a few. The insurances can take up thirty percent of your income. Even though we pay extra for certain coverage, the jack hammer damages caused by a monopoly are not included. Now the city of Philadelphia has added new insurance for property owners to cover their responsibility. Something else for home owners to pay. Here are the Government Regulations on Monopolies I hope that you will find this information helpful and share this blog. Please let me know directly when you do not find my information helpful.

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