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Monday, February 4, 2019


How to be the inspirational leader you aspire to become

INTERESTED CRUISE GROUP LEADERS ONLY you will receive a form for your family and friends to complete. You will be given the materials first to start a telephone chat. Pick the places that you would like to see. This way if no one goes but you and your roommate you will be satisfied. Just mention the places you intend to see next year. A conference call could be planned to involve out of town family members. A cruise is a fantastic place to have a family reunion. If they want to fly we have some fabulous Apple Vacations specials. Your group could also select a hotel with us Ray Extra Hotel Rates. Pre cruise, post cruise or as your family reunion vacation. A car rental may come in handy too.

EXPLAIN THE STATEROOM SELECTION helps to determines the cost of each individual cruise. The amount of people in the stateroom can also make a difference. When you prepay the taxes, fees, services charges, beverages, and extra meal plans can vary from person to the next. Many have cash or available credit cards to pay expenses at the end of the cruise. It sounds complicated but it is not. Everything is on our reservation form. The wise investors prepay as many fees and charges as possible. This way you are free to enjoy yourself without worry of disembarkation expenses. Itineraries are subject to change at any time without notice. Make a note of this, because our transportation (ship) will be in control.

Glossary of cruise lingo will help with answering questions for your cruise members. Your discounts and credits will depend upon the amount of paid staterooms for your group. It takes an average year to prepare financially for a great cruise. If they are in a position to pay with a credit card then they would be able to do so. Never exchange credit card information over the telephone. There is a place on the form for those details to be more secure. Once their tour is paid in full those documents will be shred for everyone's protection.

Gatherings at your home with family and friends to present your cruise group idea should require some mood music. Light snacks are always a great idea. Explain that everyone's rate will be individually calculated based upon their personal taste, budget, and selections. This way the family can meet together on the ship. The cruise ships have so many things for each individual to do, everyone can focus on their personal likes and reunite for a daily meal.

{NOTE} All Group Leaders (#air, #land, or #sea) are required to furnish us with the same following detailed information.
+ Encourage a deposit of $50.00 per person while everyone is together.
+ Ask what type of stateroom would they be interested in for the cruise: Single Studio, Inside, Outside, Balcony, Mini Suite, Spa, or Full Suite
+ Request that they provide their full passport name and include full details for their roommates.
+ Home address; City, State, Zip code and Main contact telephone numbers
+ Email addresses for additional travel information with updates

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